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Tri Delta Sorority at West GeorgiaTri Delta is more than just those 3 Greek letters…. it’s the friends we have found, the memories we make, the good times we celebrate and the Sisterhood we treasure. Our Strong Sisterhood is what sets Tri Delta apart from all other organization. Here in Tri Delta you will always find our house filled with encouragement, support, laughter, and memories that will last far beyond our days at West Georgia.

There are many events throughout the year that strengthen our Sisterhood. Whether it's a night out to the movies or a PJ party, we love any reason to spend time together. Pearl & Pansy Semiformal, honoring our new members and alumnae, offers a great way to get “all dolled up” while spending time with sisters both old and new.

Initiation is major highlight of our year as we share our sacred rituals with our new members and welcome them as Delta Delta Delta SISTERS! Senior week is a bittersweet time for us as we say goodbye to our seniors and celebrate their new alumnae status. Weddings offer one more milestone in life that is marked with sisters by our side, because here in Tri Delta the bonds we make today are the bridesmaids we will have tomorrow.

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